Melting Passes

Melting Passes

The Melting Passes was formed in order to overcome the obstacles preventing isolated foreign minors from joining traditional football clubs.

These young people come to Paris from all corners of the world to seek protection and a better life, yet due to their legal status they instead encounter lengthy and confusing bureaucratic procedures, poverty, and idleness.

Playing football is a way to forget, for 90 minutes, these daily struggles, the anxiety over their future, and the difficulty of acclimatisation.

The Melting Passes aims to provide training for these young players so that they may form and run their own team to compete in. Through working alongside the volunteer administrative staff and coaches of The Melting Passes, we aim to give them a means of reclaiming agency over their lives, projecting themselves into the future through football.

Read more about our activities and who we are, look at pictures of the team or watch this clip UNICEF shot in our early days: